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Adweek: The Brands Are Coming to Clubhouse
Adweek: Will Snapchat Spotlight Last Beyond Million-Dollar Payouts?
Adweek: Every Company Is a Content Moderator
Adweek: On Reddit and Discord, Digital Day Traders Took On Wall Street
Adweek: Clubhouse Is the App for People Who Miss Conferences
Adweek: Despite a Constant State of Crisis, Media Buyers Still Show Interest in TikTok
Adweek: Can The U.S. Government Actually Ban TikTok? 
Adweek: Inside the Longshot Campaign to Get Advertisers to Ditch Facebook
Adweek: Remembering the Dead: Obituary Writers Restore Humanity to Covid-19 Crisis
Adweek: Sports Leagues Were Already All In on TikTok. Then the Coronavirus Hit
The Washington Post Magazine: The debate watch parties of Democratic campaigns: A detailed comparison
The Goods by Vox: The rise of daily fantasy and sports betting has created an economy of its own
The American Scholar: Why Book Reviewing Isn’t Going Anywhere
The Washington Post Magazine: The last White House press briefing was months ago. Does anyone really miss it?
The Atlantic: How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?
Fortune Magazine: Maven, the Media Company That Slashed Sports Illustrated, Has Had Its Own Share of Financial Woes
The Washington Post Magazine: Joe Biden has been around politics for decades, and so has his biographer
The Washington Post Magazine: How reporters for niche publications conquered Capitol Hill
The Atlantic: The Covington Catholic Case Could Turn on ‘Actual Malice’
The Atlantic: A Satire Venture Co-founded by Elon Musk Arrives With a Thud
The Washington Post Magazine: How a Trump judicial nominee reignited the debate over dwarf tossing
The AtlanticJason Rezaian Hopes His Iranian Captors Read Prisoner
The AtlanticThere’s No Winning for the Networks
The Atlantic: The Legal Precedent That Could Protect Jim Acosta’s Credentials
The Atlantic: Jamal Khashoggi’s Friends in Washington Are in Shock
The Atlantic: Who’s Left Covering Brooklyn With the Big Newspapers in Retreat? 
The Atlantic: The Sunday Shows Set the Agenda in Trump's Washington
The Atlantic: A Popular Military Website Is Attacked From the Right
The DC Line: Capitol View Library renovation breeds tension, discrimination lawsuit against DC
The Atlantic: The Sudden Demise of Sinclair's Merger With Tribune
The Atlantic: Trump May Doom the Medium He Loves
Poynter: Editorial standards put BBC reporters in tough spot over pay equity issue
The Washington Post: Former guard at Nazi camp is the last remaining war collaborator ordered out of the United States. Authorities want him gone before he dies.
Slate: Why Haven’t Reporters Mass-Adopted Secure Tools for Communicating With Sources?
MediaFile: A David and Goliath Battle: D.C. Fighting GW Hatchet in Court over $17,000
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