There are plenty of ways to get in touch with me! I'm responsive via email and prefer that as a professional means of communicating. My personal email address is sgnover(at)gmail(dot)com. You can find me at sgnover(at)gmail(dot)com. Please don't abuse my inbox! If I don't respond, please follow up with me and I will respond (unless I can tell it's a form email blasted to a million people, or you are pitching me something that I would never write about, or you address me as "Josh"). 


For better or for worse you can find me – with open DMs and, often, open arms – on Twitter @ScottNover. If you'd like to complain about something, debate, or argue, I'd prefer to hash out our differences in private, so DM me so we don't clog fellow users' feeds. (Twitter can be performative, rather than constructive. Let's avoid that. We're both trying to teach and learn here).

I'm available through secure means here: You can find my PGP public key there. I am also available on Signal, but please email or DM me for my phone number. If you prefer WhatsApp or another encrypted messenger, I'm happy to accommodate. These methods are best for tips if you feel our communications may be compromised. Regular USPS mail is best for document leaks, so contact me for my PO Box.


Thank you! Let's chat.

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