Adweek: Here’s What We Know About the Political Tech Company Behind the Iowa Caucus Snafu
The Washington Post Magazine: The debate watch parties of Democratic campaigns: A detailed comparison
The Goods by Vox: The rise of daily fantasy and sports betting has created an economy of its own
The American Scholar: Why Book Reviewing Isn’t Going Anywhere
The Washington Post Magazine: The last White House press briefing was months ago. Does anyone really miss it?
The AtlanticHow Do You Do, Fellow Kids?
Vox: Prince Andrew hoped to clarify his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. He only raised new questions.
VoxPoll: Pete Buttigieg becomes the presidential frontrunner in Iowa
VoxSNL adds “pizzazz” to the impeachment hearings by turning them into a soap opera
Fortune Magazine: Maven, the Media Company That Slashed Sports Illustrated, Has Had Its Own Share of Financial Woes
The Washington Post Magazine: Joe Biden has been around politics for decades, and so has his biographer
The Washington Post Magazine: How reporters for niche publications conquered Capitol Hill
Digiday​: Sports publishers continue to grapple with politics
The DC Line: The Northwest Courier, started by two Current alums, says it will bring a weekly paper back to the quadrant
The Atlantic: The Covington Catholic Case Could Turn on ‘Actual Malice’
The Atlantic: A Satire Venture Co-founded by Elon Musk Arrives With a Thud
The AtlanticEvery Democrat Wants Ralph Northam Gone—Except Ralph Northam
The Washington Post Magazine: How a Trump judicial nominee reignited the debate over dwarf tossing
The AtlanticJason Rezaian Hopes His Iranian Captors Read Prisoner
The AtlanticJamal Khashoggi and the Decline of ‘America’s Moral Voice’
The AtlanticThere’s No Winning for the Networks
The Atlantic: President Trump’s Nightmare Before Christmas
The Atlantic: Trump Restores Acosta’s Pass but Issues ‘Rules’ for Reporters
The Atlantic: The Fight Over Jim Acosta’s Press Pass Is Only Beginning
The Atlantic: The Looming Legal Battle Over Jim Acosta's Press Pass
The Atlantic: The Legal Precedent That Could Protect Jim Acosta’s Credentials
The Atlantic: Jamal Khashoggi’s Friends in Washington Are in Shock
The Atlantic: Who’s Left Covering Brooklyn With the Big Newspapers in Retreat? 
The DC LineWhen DC broadcasters move to the suburbs, what’s lost?
The AtlanticThe Sunday Shows Set the Agenda in Trump's Washington
The Atlantic: A Popular Military Website Is Attacked From the Right
The DC LineSix months in, The Sports Capitol says it’s benefited from a dynamic time in DC sports
The DC Line: Capitol View Library renovation breeds tension, discrimination lawsuit against DC
The Atlantic: The Sudden Demise of Sinclair's Merger With Tribune
The Atlantic: Even on Fox, Trump’s Helsinki Performance Was ‘Ridiculous’ and ‘Surreal’
The DC Line: DC’s local reporters cannot hide their sports pride. Should they try harder?
The DC Line: Officials cut ribbon at renovated Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library
The Atlantic: Trump May Doom the Medium He Loves
Poynter: Editorial standards put BBC reporters in tough spot over pay equity issue
The Washington PostFormer guard at Nazi camp is the last remaining war collaborator ordered out of the United States. Authorities want him gone before he dies.
PoynterPost's Marty Baron is focused on the long game for earning reader trust
PoynterAt Poynter Ethics Summit, journalists emphasize importance of trust and transparency in the age of Trump
Slate Future Tense: Why Haven’t Reporters Mass-Adopted Secure Tools for Communicating With Sources?
MediaFile: News Organizations Call for Administration Leaks Early in Trump Presidency​
MediaFile: Libération Takes Down Controversial Photo Essay from GW Inaugural Ball  
D.C. Mayor’s Office Looks to Resolve GW Hatchet Court Dispute
MediaFile: A David and Goliath Battle: D.C. Fighting GW Hatchet in Court over $17,000
MediaFile: Fundraise or Die: Northeastern University’s Newspaper Faces MediaFile: Staggering Debt and a Familiar Narrative
MediaFile: What’s in a Domain Name? Perhaps, the Future of News
Editor & Publisher: How Can Newspapers Attract Attention From Political Candidates to Maintain Their Relevance in Political Discussion?   

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